FedRAMP offers a fast lane to cyber confidence in the cloud for Federal agencies set on IT modernization – but too many CSPs feel stuck in traffic on their journey to that all important ATO.

Wanna know how long it's gonna take to get your ATO? Trying to work out which agency will sponsor your ATO? Curious to know which 3PAO to choose? FedRAMP Accelerator provides unique insights to turbo charge your route to the ATO checkered flag.

Powered by data from our partners at the GSA FedRAMP PMO, we show you ATOs by year and by cloud flavor, mapped against the agencies that sponsored those ATOs, mapped against which 3PAOs pit crews helped each of those winning CSPs.

FedRAMP Snapshot

From 2013 to present day, view service models by year, FedRAMP authorizations by agency and year, and 3PAOs associated with each award.

FedRAMP Over Time

Duration from
In-Process to Authorized

Click on each segment of the pie chart for a more in-depth look at duration from in-process to authorization, along with a breakdown of agency wins for each 3PAO in any given segment.


* sponsoring agency